How It Works

You are only making your reservation online.  Prices listed are per boat/tube.  You are not making any payment whatsoever at this time!  You will pay in person the day you arrive. (cash or check, no credit cards)


Here at Ayers Landing we do our very best to ensure you have an enjoyable, safe trip down the Fox River.  First, you will make a reservation at  If your desired time slot is full, please check for other time slots available.  You can choose the 12 mile trip at 9am and 10am ONLY (4-6 hours without stopping) or you can choose the 6 mile trip at 11am, 12pm, 1pm or 2pm.  We ask that you only reserve the canoes/kayaks you know you will need.   Historically, people have reserved over 30% more canoes/kayaks than they ended up taking.  This limits our ability to help other customers, so please only reserve what you KNOW you’ll need.  If you have a large group and cannot book the number of boats/tubes you need, please give us a call and we’ll work to fit you in somewhere!

Prior to your trip, you must watch the safety video located HERE.  The video is mandated by the State of Illinois.  You will sign a form when you arrive stating that you have seen the video.  It is highly advisable to check the weather before you arrive.  Strong winds from the south, coupled with seasonal low water levels can add an hour or more to your trip.  We are NOT responsible for the weather, or anyone’s lack of awareness on current water levels, wind conditions or forecasted rainfall.

On the day of your trip, please arrive at Ayers Landing at least 30 mins prior to your scheduled departure time.  This will give you time to fill out a form stating you watched the safety video, make payment, (Cash or Check only, no credit cards) and load the buses.  We try to ship our buses out on time, so if you are late, you may have to take the trip on the next hour, and you may have to take the shorter trip if you are too far behind.

Once the paperwork is out of the way, you load onto one of our buses, and we take you upriver to either our 6 mile or 12 mile drop-off point.  We take care of the paddles, life jackets and the canoe or kayak you’ve rented.

Once you’re on the water, every decision is up to you.  You have rented your boat for the day, but we do ask that you return by sunset.

Finally, we do ask that you leave your personal tubes and other inflatables at home.  We will NOT transport your tubes or other inflatables.

We are closed on Wednesdays!



Have more questions?  Visit our FAQs page.